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protest at l.a.x. and if you're hitting the road, look at this 30-mile backup in the northeast overnight. we're live all morning with the travel trouble spots. also, a bomb rips through a city bus in tel aviv. in the middle of the day. ambulances rush to the wounded as hillary clinton remains in the middle east to try to end the violence in the region. matthew mcconaughey speaks out for the first time about the dramatic new pictures of his extreme weight loss. why he says he's lost over one-quarter of his body weight. and whether he's putting his health in jeopardy. ♪ y'all ready for this and he shoots and scores. and scores. and scores. and scores. the college sophomore, rewriting the books this morning, after an astonishing 138 points in just one game. how his team pushed him to make history.
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good morning, america. this is the big one. millions of us packing up, heading to planes, trains, and cars today. the estimate is more than 43 million people will be on the move. it is shaping up to be the craziest travel day of the year. we're all over it this morning. happy day before thanksgiving to robin at home. great to have elizabeth vargas back. >> great to be here. i'm feeling lucky to be here and not being out there on the roads. take a look at this. this is the stevenson expressway. in my oel old hometown of chicago. where the fog is already creating travel problems. and that's the home to o'hare airport. one of the busiest in the nation. also, on the new jersey turnpike, where things are getting started. already bumper-to-bumper traffic. here we go. and there's always turkey. and always bargains. usually, you have to wait until thursday or friday. we're going to reveal the latest on the most incredible deals
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happening right now, earlier than ever. we have them all for you. let's get right to josh with the breaking news from israel. >> indeed. the bus bombing there. details just coming in. the attacker apparently threw an explosive device into the bus and then escaped. this, of course, comes at the same time the secretary of state hillary clinton is in the region, trying to broker a peace deal between the israelis and palestinians. abc's matt gutman, in tel aviv right now with the very latest. good morning to you, matt. >> reporter: josh, authorities here are telling us that ten people have been hurt. there's been others who suffered from some sort of trauma. the bus behind me exploded. apparently, man placed some sort of i.e.d. on it. shattering the glass. blowing everything out. eyewitnesses telling us they heard screaming. many people thought there was a rocket, but there were no sirens. in gaza, israel is still bombing, destroying one of the ministry complexes there. cratering entire city blocks. thousands of palestinians on the run this morning. many of them still terrified. and just a few miles south of here, a tel aviv suburb, 200-pound warheads, struck,
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almost demolishing an entire building. there's still a lot of fear here. this truce seems to be negotiated with bombs and rockets. that's where secretary clinton comes in. she just landed in cairo. she's moving from cairo, jerusalem, ramallah and back. trying to broker some sort of peace here. obviously, this bombing here makes it much more difficult. josh? >> incredibly tense times. we'll have updates all morning long. thank you for that, matt gutman. meanwhile, we're just getting word of more air strikes in gaza. you heard matt refer to them. we'll keep you posted on all of the developments through the morning in the region. now to some big news on wall treat. what's being called the most lucrative insider trading scheme ever. federal authorities have leveled charges against a former po portfolio manager accused of making some $276 million off secret information on
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alzheimer's drugs. that portfolio manager worked for a hedge fund, owned by one of wall street's billionaire giants, steven cohen. cohen has not been charged. but at least five of his former associates have now been accused of insider trading. we'll have updates on this story, as well. and no deal. that's the word from twinkiemaker, hostess. the company and its striking workers failed to reach a compromise in last-ditch talks. now, hostess will ask a judge to liquidate the company. some 18,000 jobs will be lost in the process. another buyer could pick up the company's assets and keep its iconic products alive. and here in new york city, police are hunting for a potential serial killer. they're now questioning a person of interest. they picked up a man believed to be the person you see here, spotted in surveillance video near two of the three execution-style murders. the victims were all middle eastern store owners and were all shot with the same gun. and public nudity will soon be outlawed on the streets of san francisco. lawmakers approved the ban, after complaints that freedom of expression was beginning to spiral out of control. nudists filed a federal lawsuit, hoping to stop the ban from
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taking effect. that's a look at today's headlines. >> okay. >> however suddenly. >> save the nudity in san francisco. >> we'll be discussing that with sam at 8:00. >> we sure will. for everyone on the move today for thanksgiving. as we told you, there's about 43 million americans out on the roads and in the planes and trains today. and our team's covering all of the angles on this busiest travel day of the year. sam starts us off with the latest on the trouble spots. sam? >> good morning, george. crowded roads. crowded skies. if you thought this was the year that the day before thanksgiving would be easy to get around in, we're adding something else to the problem lineup here. and it's fog this morning. take a look at this early-morning picture from chicago. by the way, that abc station in chicago, abc 7, the most amazing powerhouse station, covering this thing from early this morning to all the way on. chicago o'hare, the second
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busiest airport in the nation. the fourth-busiest in the world. and right now, it's practically down to zero visibility. look at other pictures from foggy days. we had some starting yesterday. and today, from paducah, kentucky, to the great lakes. in some cases, visibility just over the zero mark. this is what your road surfaces look like. in general, the roads will be good once you get out of the foggy areas. but look at the northwest. another airport area from san francisco all the way into sea-tac airport. where there are some wet and icy conditions. a quick look at the skies to see how what airports are showing delays. and as expected, san francisco, seattle, chicago. those are the ones that are likely to start the backup today. now, the roads are already problematic. you know there's traffic on them. which roads do you take? our ginger zee is on the road in the northeast this morning, showing you where all of the shortcuts are. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning, sam. i'm on the road, i-95 in new york. and, yes, already very crowded. i'm doing what tens of millions of people are going to be doing today. behind the wheel, and sitting right here, seeing a whole lot of that. a lot of brake lights. this morning, the infamous
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thanksgiving travel rush could come to an abrupt halt in one of the nation's hubs. the thick fog in chicago that's breeding zero visibility could cause chaos for the rest of the country. now, take a look at this. a 30-mile backup on the massachusetts turnpike last night. spurred snarls on all major highways in the eastern part of the state. the top five cities bracing for the worst traffic today? new york, washington, d.c., chicago, san francisco, and the most tangled roads, in los angeles. with holiday road trips there predicted to take 33% longer than usual. [ horn honks ] so, if you're still packing up the car, aaa recommends hitting the road as early as possible. as in, right now. or at the very latest, 2:00 p.m. because by 5:00, the roads will be jam-packed. rush hour's expected to peak two hours earlier than normal. >> with today expected to be the busiest day and many people working, we expect this evening, there will be a lot of congestion.
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>> reporter: good news for drivers, gas prices are down 5 cents in the last two weeks. with a national average for a gallon of regular, topping off at $3.41. to give you some perspective, on labor day, there were 28 million cars on the roads. this time, here on this day before thanksgiving, expecting almost 40. a whole lot more. elizabeth? >> ginger, please drive safely. thanks so much. holiday travel is always something of a nightmare. but now, a looming labor action by airport workers could make today's travel troubles even worse. abc's cecilia vega has the latest from los angeles international airport. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. as hundreds of travelers plan to board their flights, hundreds of workers here at los angeles and at airports around the country are preparing for a major protest. another potential snag for that holiday traveler. airport union workers preparing
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to strike this morning at l.a.x. admit they could not have picked a worse day or a busier airport to do it. that, they say, is the point. >> it's a national day about being with your family and taking care of your family. and these workers are not able to do that. >> reporter: but the result for travelers trying to reach their families could be chaos. >> it's going to create a problem for a lot of people. >> reporter: it's not just here in california. angry workers are picketing coast to coast, from chicago's o'hare airport, to new york's jfk, to ft. lauderdale, florida. the advice for air travelers, pack a lot of patience. >> it's only just beginning. we haven't done security yet. we haven't done anything. so -- >> reporter: some tips to ease the pain. download one of the smartphone apps that monitors the length of security lines. expedite your screening by limiting your carry-ons. and while you can bring the turkey, don't try to stuff the cranberry sauce in your purse. it's a liquid. and the tsa won't allow it.
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sound like a lot of work? just look on the bright side. >> it's better than a 20-hour drive. >> happy flying. >> reporter: and one of the most important tips of the day, show up early, especially if you're traveling out of an airport with the protests. show up early. the recommendation here in los angeles, two hours early for a domestic flight. three hours for international. do not forget the patience. >> got to travel. and for all of you that want a head start on the shopping, bianna golodryga is at the smart screen. she has tips on how to get great deals online. >> reporter: why wait until cyber monday when you can start shopping today. let's look at some of the online deals. kohl's is offering 500 early-bird specials. and not just kohl's. 97% of all retailers are offering some sort of online discount this is weekend, before cyber monday. and here's why. take a look at this number. 24% of us are expected to buy all of our items via our smartphones. that's double what it was last year. that's playing a huge role. and look at some of the great deals you can find.
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you can get, at kohl's a camera there for $60. under $60. a tv, a 32-inch tv for under 100 bucks. and look who sells a tv better than george and elizabeth. 97 bucks for the tv. i would pay double that to see those faces. and dyson vacuums at walmart, as well. great deals to be found. starting right now, george. >> even more tiny on that screen. >> reporter: you look fantastic. >> we love you, bianna. thank you so much. today, we had a ruling late yesterday, that the workers at walmart are going to be allowed to picket outside those stores on thanksgiving day. >> could be a problem. >> could be a real problem, too. now, we're going to switch gears. major new developments in the indiana home explosion that killed a young couple and damaged so many homes a few days ago. police reportedly suspect gas was intentionally leaked in the home before a spark then caused it to explode. answer -- abc's alex perez is in
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indianapolis with the very latest on the investigation. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. authorities confirm they are questioning one person and still looking for several others. "the indy star" is reporting that authorities believe gas may have been intentionally released into the home. and that the explosion may have been remotely detonated. >> get back! >> reporter: overnight, an apparent break in the investigation into who triggered the massive explosion that killed two and leveled much of this indianapolis neighborhood. >> investigators are talking to individuals that we've identified as potentially having relevant information. >> reporter: police won't say who they are questioning. but brad horton and his girlfriend, whitney, captured this cell phone video, as a s.w.a.t. team descended on this mobile home park in southwestern indianapolis. >> when i thought about s.w.a.t., i thought about them coming in a truck or a van. these people came in tanks, with people on top of them. >> reporter: they say their neighbor, bob leonard, was led away for questioning. leonard is the brother of mark leonard, who's dating monserrate shirley. leonard and shirley live in the
7:13 am
home that exploded. >> it's pretty serious. they don't usually pull those out for just anything. >> reporter: monserrate shirley and mark leonard ignored reporters' questions on tuesday. >> leave me alone! >> reporter: they say they were at a casino, and the home was empty november 10th, when the explosion rocked the quiet neighborhood. killing this couple and damaging nearly 100 homes. overnight, prosecutors refused to confirm if they believe bob leonard is involved or if they believe the blast was triggered by remote. >> there's interviews being conducted and search warrants being served, as identifying individuals who potentially have pertinent information. we'll just pursue all those leads. >> reporter: again, authorities say there have been no arrests made at this point. an attorney for the couple that lived in the home says, they are both cooperating with police. elizabeth? >> all right, alex. thanks so much. of course, authorities saying even if they only meant to commit arson, whoever is responsible for this, they could be charged with murder because of the deaths. >> very serious crime.
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okay, elizabeth, thanks. we're going to turn to the mom who stopped what could have been a massacre by turning in her son. convinced he was planning to carry out mass shooting at the latest "twilight" movie, patricia went to authorities. she is speaking out for the first time. and amy robach has the story. >> reporter: speaking out for the first time since turning her son in to police, tricia lammers said she did what she thought was right. >> i am not a hero. i love my community just as much as i love my son. and i respect the people that live in my community. and i also respect their safety and their right to be safe. >> reporter: at a press conference late tuesday, lammers gave the first insight into the mind of her 20-year-old son, blaec, who confessed to plotting a movie theater massacre at the "twilight" screening sunday, and then continuing his deadly rampage at a nearby walmart. >> my son does suffer a mental illness. we have been battling this since
7:15 am
the fall of 2008. >> reporter: still, she says she feels partly responsible. >> i think any mom at any time would blame herself. that she did something wrong. >> reporter: she became suspicious last tuesday, after finding his receipts for two weapons. worried he may be off his medication, she contacted police. >> we had the suspect in custody within an hour of being notified by the family. >> reporter: he told them he purchased two assault rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammo at an area walmart last monday and got his friend to teach him how to shoot the next day. he said he planned to commit a mass shooting at this movie theater. even purchasing a ticket to a late-night screening at the final installment of the "twilight" series, "breaking dawn part 2." >> i've had a bad habit of underestimating you. >> reporter: meantime, lammers says she knows her son is a good kid with a good heart. >> hopefully blaec will get the help he needs. he's not a criminal. >> reporter: and blaec lammers made a brief appearance yesterday, where prosecutors determined he should undergo a mental health evaluation,
7:16 am
something you heard his mother say he so desperately needs. his next court appearance is scheduled for early next year, january 23rd. but, you know what? what a brave mom. thanks goodness she spoke up. >> she did the right thing. okay, amy, thanks very much. and josh, what a story you have. >> yeah. >> it is remarkable. it's a college sophomore who now stands atop quite a mountain this morning. grinnel's jack taylor, last night shattered a record that's stood more -- for more than half a century. and he wasn't playing that well recently. but, boy, did the shots fall. take a look. grinnel college's jack taylor entered last night's game just hoping to make up for recent poor performances. >> i had shot poorly over the past two games. coming into this game, i was really motivated to try to get going offensively. and my teammates made concerted efforts to get me the ball. and get my confidence up. >> reporter: and make up for them he did, by scoring a staggering 138 points for the division three pioneers, and in the process, obliterating an
7:17 am
ncaa single-game scoring record that had stood for 58 years. >> oh! >> reporter: the record rewritten shot by shot, as the sophomore guard simply could not miss. >> i had a stretch, where i hit about seven consecutive threes. that kind of opened up my eyes, this is going to be special. >> reporter: it wasn't just taylor himself that saw that history was, perhaps, in the making. his team rallied around him to see what was possible. >> at halftime, when i had 58, they wanted to get me the ball in the second half and see if i could keep it going. i'm lucky to have the teammates that i have. they were very unselfish tonight. >> reporter: taylor averaged an unheard of four points per minute in the second half. and he isn't under any illusions that his performance last night will go unnoticed by future opponents. >> i think i'm going to be a marked man for a while. that's for sure. >> now, to answer a couple of the questions.
7:18 am
it only took him 108 shots to score those points. a record that figures to last. but if anybody breaks it, it will be him or one of his teammates. grinnel college, their whole idea to answer your earlier question, george, is to let one team score two so they can score three. >> the other team scored over 100 points. >> they had a guy score 70 points last night in a losing effort. >> in the meantime, the next game will be 5 on 1 when it comes to defense. >> fantastic story. let's get to sam and the weather. i'm deal with my numbers. nine to ten inches of rain in some locations in the northwest. some places in oregon saying this is the most rain in 24 hours they've ever seen in a 24-hour period. this is a very wet time for those folks in the northwest. it doesn't start to let up until tomorrow. this is the final punch of rain. and by the way, by this evening in san francisco, it could start to dry up a little bit. but seattle, portland, northern areas, you're getting another full day of rain. looking at the big numbers today, denver, 72. oklahoma city, 76. rapid city, a record, at 77. houston, dallas, you're close to record levels.
7:19 am
that's a lot of heat in the middle of the country. and most of the country is doing just fine today. watch out for that fog around the chicago area.
7:20 am
>> all of america's travel weather coming up throughout this morning, the day before thanksgiving. everybody? >> sam, all morning long, you're going to go out to help the victims of hurricane sandy. we loaded up some food from virgil's. and you're going to be out delivering it all morning. >> we're on our way. we'll see you on the way in the next half hour. >> there's the food right now. sam's getting on the road right now. when we come back, matthew mcconaughey speaks out for the first time about his astonishing weight loss for his latest role. how he lost almost a quarter of his body weight.
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best foods and holiday leftovers become irresistibly creamy turkey casserole. real delicious best foods. bring out the best foods. bring out the best. good morning i'm eric thomas. the wet weather is expected to cause delays at san francisco international airport where huge crowds are expected to leave nor their thanksgiving holiday. let's look at the terminal in the past hour. -- counters packed, incoming flights delayed 99 minutes last night because of rain the weather lightened this morning the crowds are getting heavier so are the crowds on the roads. a lot of standing water and overturns and spinnouts, we have a fatal accident in -- san jose alum rock it is
7:25 am
shutdown avoid that area. westbound 4 ramp to westbound 80 accident in lane there is. flooding in san francisco clogged storm drains has embarcadero flooded two lanes from king towards the ferry building. expect delays in san francisco. . >> when we come back,
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check out the numerous shades of grey this morning. live doppler 7 hd radar returns are getting lighter, still damp outside. at any time you can get a light shower or drizzle through at least noon then partly sunny temperatures in the 60s we are already in the upper 50s to near 60. it is going to be dry
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[ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. ♪ shut up and drive ♪ shut up and drive >> i don't know why we're
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playing that music. >> shut up and drive? >> i thought they were saying something else. >> you see there, the traffic, we're back at 7:30. millions hitting the road. that's chicago. a lot of fog there. would likely stall air traffic, as well, in chicago. and there's some -- >> oh, boy. the roads in the northeast, too. already so packed. >> that's our near future, people. let's be honest. >> actually, no. i'm not going anywhere near those highways, thank goodness. people are heading out to a thanksgiving destination. normally, it's rush-hour traffic at this hour. but it's thanksgiving traffic. and we loaded up a truck with thanksgiving meals from virgil's. sam will be delivering that food this morning to some of the hardest-hit areas by hurricane sandy. good morning, america. as you know, robin is home recovering. great to have elizabeth vargas here. >> it's great to be here. i hope robin has a great thanksgiving and a happy birthday this weekend. >> indeed, both. >> that's tomorrow. matthew mcconaughey, we've been showing these pictures. a rather astonishing weight loss. he wasn't an overly weighty fella to begin with.
7:31 am
>> did you see "magic mike "? >> you look at these photos and you wonder, as he loses about a quarter of his body weight, if he had anything left to lose. was he putting himself in jeopardy? we'll have answers for you. and also, getting the most out of your holiday shopping. now, starting earlier than ever, for better or worse. are the huge door-buster deals worth skipping thanksgiving dinner for? >> no. no, they're not. >> i say not. but they are great deals. and we have them all for you. let's turn to tuesday's explosive testimony in the case of that michigan valedictorian on trial for murdering his mother. a lead detective told the jury, point blank, he believes jeffrey pyne is guilty of the crime. abc's john muller has all of the detail this is morning. >> reporter: it was a confrontational day for the defense. >> you don't know who killed ruth pyne.
7:32 am
>> yes, i do. >> you do? >> reporter: jeffrey pyne's attorneys saying he couldn't know for sure who killed ruth pyne. >> you were in the garage? >> i was not in the garage. i'm basing my opinion based on the evidence as i know it. and my own observations. >> so that's an many. thank you. >> reporter: but the prosecution wasn't about to let it end there. >> when it comes to his alibi, he lied about where he was at. he lied about what he was doing. was i in that garage? i was not in that garage. but my opinion is that jeffrey pyne killed his mother. >> reporter: the 22-year-old maintains he was at work all day when his mother was brutally murdered. but on monday, a paramedic on the scene testified he overheard pyne tell his father, he saw his mother inside the house, less than two hours before her body was discovered. and that she was alive and well. >> i did hear jeffrey pyne say to his father that he was just at the house at 1:30. >> he was at the house at 1:30? >> yes. >> reporter: detectives also told jurors that pyne's father noticed items missing from the family's garage. two wooden boards, a screwdriver and a box cutter.
7:33 am
prosecutors contend pyne used the boards to beat his mother before stabbing her 16 times. their evidence, striking blows to his case all week. many in this tight-knit community, hearing the gruesome details for the first time since his arrest last may. >> people in this community don't much care whether or not jeffrey pyne killed his mother. they are rallying around him. >> reporter: this morning, pyne maintains his innocence. for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. let's get more, now, from our legal team. nancy grace, the host of nancy grace on hln. also "gma" legal analyst dan abrams. dan, i'm no lawyer. but i don't understand what jeffrey pyne's lawyer was doing with the questioning to the lead detective. >> he's been asking a number of people. and he's been meaning it to be a rhetorical question. effectively, you can't say for certain who did this, or who killed her. but it's -- lawyers know you should never ask the question if you don't know the answer. particularly, when you're talking about a detective, who clearly believes, based on all of the evidence, that he does
7:34 am
know who did it. so, it was not a smart question to ask. it's not going to be the game-changer in this case. but in retrospect, the lawyer shouldn't have done it. >> nancy, you would think that the detective does believe that jeffrey pyne's guilty, after the whole investigation, or there wouldn't be a prosecution. but that has to have some impact on the jury. >> of course it does. very typically juries believe police officers. they believe doctors. often, you'll see a doctor come in his surgical outfit because juries believe people in positions of authority, that they have trusted throughout their lives. and of course, they typically should. now, it's more than just a bad question. if the state had asked this question, it's the reversible error. it's asking a witness to decide the ultimate issue, that being guilt or innocence. and to ask a died-in-the-wool
7:35 am
detective that question was crazy. but here's where i think the tide is turning. and don't get me wrong. i don't have a dog in the fight. all right? because if someone had beaten my child since age 9, they might just get the death penalty. and i'm talking about ruth pyne, who had attacked her children, tried to strangle them, since they were little children, with her mental illness. but this is where the tide is turning. he places himself in the home at the murder scene at 1:30. there's, like, a 1-1/2-hour window. after he leaves the home, an unknown assailant comes in and kills the mother? alts, you've got blood, ruth pyne's blood, on the water faucet. somebody tried to clean up. that's not a random killer. and look at what's missing. you talked about it in the story. a box cutter, she was stabbed in the neck. a screwdriver, she was punched in the neck, and a two by four. what robber would have taken those things? but what they didn't say in opening statements is the result of the skin under her fingernails and the hair in her hand.
7:36 am
that's going to tell the story. i think the tide is turning against him. still, i say jury nullification. >> i agree with nancy with regards to the hair. if you have his hair in her hands, i don't know how he's going to explain that. i don't think we're going to hear that sort of evidence. we shall see. >> but the evidence is piling up. is there any way now for jeffrey pyne to move back to what a lot of people thought he might have argued in the first place, that this was self-defense? >> no. there's no way for him to overtly argue that. what his lawyer wants to do is offer subtle undertones throughout the case, reminding jurors, without saying it, you know what? even if you think that he did this, even if you think he might have done this, this isn't a case where you want to convict here. and i think, yes. there is evidence that is piling up here. but i don't agree with nancy it is so crucial that he was overheard saying he was at the house at 1:30. people get times wrong all the time. he could very easily claim, why would i possibly have wanted to
7:37 am
put myself at the home at the exact time that i knew that i had just killed her? why would i do that? i think that's something that you can explain away. >> probably trying to cover his tracks. but another thing we haven't heard about are those phone pings. does his cell phone place him there? there's so much evidence they did not set forth in the opening statement. and if it's not, their goose is cooked. it's over. there's going to be a not guilty. >> a lot more evidence to come. we'll see. we'll have you back, i'm sure. have a great thanks giving. time, now, for the weather. sam champion on his way to help the victims of hurricane sandy, in the brooklyn community of red hook. hey, sam. >> hey, good morning, george. you can't have a disaster as large as sandy and have more than 70,000 homes destroyed without depending on men and women who work every day in the service. look at this. the coast guard is behind us. they're taking us there. and the volunteers that get there, as well. and it's all about folks helping folks. so, we're going to do that this morning. early this morning, our
7:38 am
neighborhood was loading up food. virgil's helped us out with food. we're going to take it to the folks who are just trying to get their lives back together. and maybe they can have a nice thanksgiving in the process. let's give you the maps so you know what's going on today. we'll start with a beautiful area of high pressure that gives us the gorgeous skies in the northeast. the numbers will actually respond. maybe a little chilly this morning. but that sunshine will really help today. and look at the big chill that comes in on black friday. most of the thanksgiving forecast is going to be beautiful across the country. but right after that, starting on friday morning, when the stores are trying to get you to roll in early, that's when the cold air rolls in early. >> all right.
7:39 am
so, we're getting on board. we're going inside. the next time we see you, hopefully, we'll be in brooklyn. gang? >> we heard them telling sam, get inside, get inside. coming up, matthew mcconaughey speaks out for the first time about his dramatic weight loss. is he putting his health in jeopardy? and blockbuster deals earlier than ever. what you need to know before you start shopping. [ ringing ] hello? [ sea ] hi! this is the sea calling. ooohhh. don't you love doing homework? no. waking up early? no.
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we're back, now, at 7:42. we've all seen the pictures of
7:43 am
matthew mcconaughey. but he's speaking out for the first time about his dramatic weight loss. it's for his latest role. the star lost 40 pounds, becoming almost unrecognizable. but he's already making plans for how he'll put the weight back on. and here's abc's bazi kanani. >> reporter: fans can't believe that this shocking skeletal figure is the same matthew mcconaughey, who a few months ago, looked like this. >> i think i see a lot of lawbreakers up in this house. >> reporter: but since this summer's "magic mike" the hollywood hunk has suddenly shrunk, intentionally dropping weight for his next role, as a man suffering from aids in the '80s. >> i feel good now. overall, probably have 35% less energy. >> reporter: it's a dramatic transformation for the former sexiest man alive. the transformation mcconaughey tells hitfix has not been easy. >> i don't want to be doing this interview at a pizza hut buffet.
7:44 am
i choose to pick my places where there's less good smells. >> reporter: the six-foot-tall actor has dropped from 181 pounds down to just 143. that's nearly one-fourth of his total body weight. >> it's 90% diet. it's 90% amount and then what you're eating. right now, i'm not losing anymore weight if i burn 1,500 calories, and 2 hours of cardio an afternoon. or if i don't. it doesn't matter. >> reporter: what does matter to health experts is that mcconaughey's extreme weight loss could set a bad example for his fans. >> you're talking about someone who is starting, normal, to lose 20% of their body weight in a five to six-month period could be definitely -- could put them in medical jeopardy. >> reporter: mcconaughey says while he's eager to start beefing up as soon as possible, it may now be difficult. >> the stomach has shrunk, as well. as much as i can't wait to have that cheeseburger on the day, it will probably be damn hard to eat the whole thing. >> yeah. >> reporter: fans of his earlier
7:45 am
works are probably hoping he'll try. for "good morning america," bazi kanani, abc news, new york. >> i never had a problem eating a whole cheeseburger. >> again and again. >> he seems pretty relaxed about it all. >> she sure does. he is a laidback kind of guy. coming up, down to the wire on "dancing with the stars." it was shocking, really. two couple eliminations last night. really great dancers. we're going to talk to both of those couples live. unfortunately, if you want shocking, i have something for you. santa, showing up, bringing holiday cheer. but freeze it. just freeze. just stop it. ho, ho, ho! look, honey... it's santa. i have the perfect gift for you. oh...santa. [ male announcer ] the charmed memories collection at kay jewelers. each charm is hand-crafted in italy, and with hundreds of charms to choose from, you can turn your special moments into charmed memories. this friday through monday, get this free bracelet or a charm valued up to $45 with any charmed memories purchase of $100 or more.
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7:48 am
real delicious best foods. bring out the best foods. bring out the best.
7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." >> quickly, again. turn your santa-loving children, maybe away from the tv. >> yeah. >> just for a sec -- earmuffs.
7:50 am
>> this is one of santa's helpers. >> exactly. crowds at a british mall gathered for the annual christmas tree lighting. and who better to light it than old st. nick himself, who made quite an entrance. rappelling down, until, well, we had a bit of a problem. his white beard got stuck in the rope. >> oh, no. >> oh, my gosh. >> josh. >> the organizers were undeterred. they continued with the festivities. >> he's really struggling. >> no, no. he's dangling there, white beard stuck. >> oh, no. >> he could have just taken the beard off. but he didn't want to ruin it for all the kids below. so, he dangled there for almost an hour until a special ops guy comes down and santa said, don't -- just give me a trim. so, santa claus was given a trim of his beard. and he was freed. and he was off -- >> to the north pole. to load up his sleigh. >> to the north pole.
7:51 am
>> that santa's helper should get extra credit. >> it's terrific. america, bring the kids back. hi, kids. how are you? good to see you. coming right up, lara is taking trash, making it treasure, just in time for thanksgiving. go nowhere. treasure, just in time for thanksgiving. go nowhere. ♪sleep on needles by sondre lerche
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. an oakland man is dead after falling down a hillside into a water-filled rock quarry shortly after 7:00 last night. divers found the body in the water 1:00 this morning he was out looking for his cat. mike is here with the forecast. still seeing a drier trend not saying completely dry not as many radar returns on live doppler. you can see thicker ones moving, a chance of a stray shower through noon, dry tomorrow through the rest of the forecast. new "sig alert" eastbound 7890 military west expect delays with an accident blocking lane of traffic fatal accident san jose alum rock jackson avoid that area flooding san francisco on the embarcadero slow from king to the ferry building. the news
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
and a lot of people celebrating thanksgiving a little early out there. >> oh, my gosh. >> the champagne is already flowing, sort of. and we're listening to alicia keys, right now. we cannot wait to see her live on monday. she will be on "gma." for a special performance that's going to be great. you do not want to miss it. good morning, america. robin is at home recovering. great to have elizabeth vargas here. >> great to be here. and great to be here with all of you. it's a gorgeous day, by the way. >> it is. >> it's so beautiful. we have two boxes on our set that have been the talk of -- you know. >> it's a big decision, or so i'm told. do we shop tomorrow? or do we eat tomorrow? so, this is eating. okay? >> it is? >> this is shopping. so, are you going to go have your turkey? or buy your tv? >> i know this is follow-up-free. but why is your turkey so brown? >> that doesn't look healthy. >> that's smoked.
8:01 am
all right? i mean, i prefer smoked turkey. that's straight ahead in segment 13. josh's special smoked turkey. it is delicious. passing up on thanksgiving dinner. who says, nope? no turkey for me. time to go get a dvd player. >> actually, a lot of people. >> that's right. also, last night on "dancing with the stars," the champs falling hard. apolo ohno, and emmitt smith, both booted from the ballroom after the semifinals. they're here live this morning. what are they holding up there? >> what does it say? >> team robin. >> oh, all right, guys. thank you. that is great. >> robin, happy thanksgiving. happy birthday, friday. a big week for her. a big day for us. this is a conclusion of a special trash-to-treasure, just in time for thanksgiving. we connected with a family hit so hard by hurricane sandy. while we tried to help them as best we could, and it may seem small. but to them, it meant a lot.
8:02 am
so, looking forward to that big reveal. >> that's going to be fantastic. first, let's get to news from josh. >> we're going to breaking news. that terrorist attack in israel this morning. a bus bombing, raising tensions even higher, just as secretary of state hillary clinton visits the region, trying to broker peace between israelis and palestinians in gaza. abc's matt gutman is on the scene of that attack, in tel aviv, right now, with the latest. good morning to you, matt. >> reporter: good morning, josh. we just got back from the scene. that bus, shattered. now, more than a dozen people were hurt there. israeli police are telling us that it was an ied, not a suicide bombing. they say the suspect is still at large. schools are closed in the area. a lot of people thought it was a rocket that hit. israelis are angry. people we spoke to over there said they want a gaza inc. now, they're demanding some sort
8:03 am
of incursion, ground incursion into gaza. that's where israeli missiles have been hitting rapid-fire, cratering entire blocks on targets today. and hamas has been lobbing rockets into israel today. all of that -- efforts to try to broker some sort of peace here. it's going to be very difficult for her to do. josh? >> again, matt gutman there in tel aviv. he'll have updates as news warrants. thank you, matt. here at home, more people are expected to hit the road for thanksgiving this year, compared to last. and add some major airport strikes to the mix, and you have the potential for travel chaos from coast-to-coast. biggest trouble spot likely to be at l.a.x. los angeles international airport, where striking workers admit, they chose this day deliberately to make their point. picketing is also expected at chicago's o'hare airport and jfk airport here in new york city and in ft. lauderdale, florida. and top u.s. doctors are trying to make birth control pills more accessible. the nation's largest group of ob-gyns is recommending oral contraceptives be sold over the counter, saying that benefits would outweigh any risks. however, making the pill
8:04 am
available without a prescription or exam, could mean it would no longer be covered by health insurance. and finally, quickly. some women go too far. a teen pulled a prank on her mom. and take a look. while visiting the grand canyon, she sent her mother this picture and posted it online. and from the reaction of the crew, especially the moms on the crew, she may have gone too far. >> not funny. >> no. >> that's not funny. >> america, that's my little lead balloon for you on this thanksgiving eve. >> how did she do that? >> yeah. is there a ledge behind? >> she was standing on a stair, right behind. >> she was? >> she's just taking perspective and actually turning it. it's an optical illusion. >> how did the mom take it? >> she was not happy. >> see? >> i thought it was sort of funny. >> we do think it's funny. >> thankfully this is a follow-up-free zone. and i only got 12 of them. and thank you for the groan. i really appreciate that. i'm trying to sell it over here. i'm getting the groans.
8:05 am
i'm getting no help. >> it's a great picture. all right, lara. can't wait for "pop news." >> oh, gosh. payback. please, behave. everybody, "pop news." here we go. so, when it comes to getting your driver's license, no one is exempt from going through the sometimes painful process. and that includes 007. daniel craig had to endure a written test, pass a driving test and take a five-hour course on responsible, safe driving. this all just happened in the last month in new york. hopefully, the teacher hasn't seen "skyfall" yet. it's not known what car he used for the road test. but probably not an aston martin. but that would have been cool if he did. >> daniel craig sat in a five-hour class? >> on safe driving. >> and watched eight of those movies? >> i would have sat in class with him. well -- >> anyway. in other "pop news." just in time for thanksgiving, pepperidge farm stuffing cookies.
8:06 am
a new york city bakery called downtown's cookie company is made from actual herbed stuffing. so, are they savory? i have my fellow anchors here. this is the cookie. but it's a stuffing-flavored cookie, with cranberry surprise in it. >> the cranberry makes it great. >> does it taste savory or sweet? >> tastes like a cookie. >> these are brand-new. the reviews are in. the online reviews have been fantastic. >> i like it. >> i like it, too. >> good. they're available from the downtown bakery in new york. and they are a winner this thanksgiving season. according to the "gma" team. and finally, enjoy and listen. >> okay. >> this year, for the first time, ever, americans got to choose which turkey gets the presidential pardon. the turkeys, two turkeys, took to facebook, to make their cases. cobbler, turkey "a," is a proud strutter that likes cranberries and carly simon.
8:07 am
meanwhile, gobbler, turkey "b," likes corn and anything with a fiddle. both turkeys have a room at the ritzy w. hotel. of course, they have a room at the w. hotel. not to worry. actually, no matter which turkey is picked, apparently, we understand that both turkeys will live out their days at mt. vernon, president george washington's estate in northern virginia. i got applause from angie. angie approved of that story. >> which you stole from me, i might add. >> i did. >> tell the people. you stole that one. >> we both loved that story. and pop quiz, everybody. which thanksgiving recipe is topping national google searches right now? is it, "a," green bean casserole? "b," pumpkin pie? or "c," stuffing? the answer, just ahead. >> stuffing. stuffing. now, we have to get to sam in new york harbor, delivering supplies to the victims of hurricane sandy. >> we're aboard this coast guard response unit out in new york. and we're on our way to red hook, brooklyn.
8:08 am
first class petty officer ian. tell me your last name, sir. >> sealy. >> you guys have been on this a long time. and there's a lot of other folks. fire department, rescue teams that are working hard. what do you say about how you guys work around the clock? >> basically, the coast guard being one of the first responders for new york, as well as fdny and nypd, we all work as closely together as possible for the cleanup and the rescue efforts that have been going on. you know, we lost part of our station and everything. we're keeping boats in certain places, trying to strategically place things throughout the harbor here. so, we can respond if anything happens and do the best mission we can. >> thanksgiving, a day you give back to family? or thanksgiving, a day you're on duty? >> i get back to family. >> that's fantastic. i'm glad to hear it, sir. thank you and thank you to the crew. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to tell you, as we head on our way to brooklyn. we'll start with the fact that that western storm is a real, big headline storm. it's been soaking wet with
8:09 am
terrible winds. you have another day of that. but it does start to dry out south-to-north first, as early as this afternoon in southern sections. a quick look at holiday travel. the roads are good, except for that northwestern area. and you've got that area of fog that runs from paducah, kentucky, to chicago, and the western great lakes. in the skies, we're picking up airport delays because of that storm and because of that fog. and there will be cascading problems there. a look at the big board. and that's the weather around the nation. >> and we are live, moving on
8:10 am
the west side into new york harbor. we're just moments away from brooklyn. we'll see you from red hook in a minute. thanks to the coast guard. we'll see you there. >> thank you, sam. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." thanksgiving dinner or great deals? are the savings so good they're worth skipping dinner for? dancing stunner. two superstars out in a shocking elimination. we'll talk to both couples live. and it's a trash-to-treasure transformation for a family devastated by hurricane sandy. all that and more coming up on "good morning america," live in times square. [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. time for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price.
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8:13 am
recipe is topping national google searches right now, actually, for the past several days. green bean cass role. it's the most searched recipe on google. don't all fight for it. >> you love it, don't you? >> i do. i'll eat the whole thing before the end of the show. >> this, i got to see. >> saving my appetite for tomorrow. how about we talk about what's coming up, everybody. everything you need to know about the blockbuster deals starting earlier than ever, this year. [ woman ] are you there yet? yeah, i'm walking in right now. chilean granite... chilean granite... so, how's it in person? i should send you a picture. floor to ceiling bookshelves... floor to ceiling bookshelves... original windows... original windows... and this... is that a... fireplace face -- yes, yes it is. fireplace shaped like a face. i know right! [ male announcer ] only at&t's network
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8:16 am
now, to the huge deals this thanksgiving holiday. should you stay home with the family? or should you bust down the doors for early best deals? we asked our becky worley to make the call. dinner or deals? take a look. >> thank you. >> reporter: call it a sign of the times. this year, the insanity of shopping is competing with the sacred triumvirate of thanksgiving, family, food and football. a slew of stores are opening on thanksgiving day. kmart, walmart, sears, target. you want me to shop on thanksgiving? i think only the turkeys are happy about this. but if you are thinking about skipping the tryptophan to save some cash, well, here's how you do it. tip one, planning.
8:17 am
circulars, too time-consuming. this is your weapon of choice. try to see what they think are the most slogan-hot crazy deals of the year. next step, define your level of commitment. there's two kinds of discounts. the deals that you can get all weekend long. then, you have door-busters. these are limited quantity, in-store only items that the stores take a loss on. in other words, bust out your camping gear. the big door-busters on tvs. on thanksgiving morning, kmart has a 32-inch lcd, for $97. sears has a 50-inch l.e.d. it normally retails for $799. it's knocked down to $299. there are other deals. you want an ipad 2? it's at walmart thursday night for $399. and you get a $75 walmart gift card with the deal. the x-box kinect is on tale at
8:18 am
target for 30 bucks off. best buy is bucking the trend and opening black friday morning. they have door-buster tv deals and this asus laptop, for $250. kohl's is opening on friday. and they have a full-quart programmable slow-cooker for just $29.99. no sale is getting me away from what matters, football. i mean, family. for "good morning america," becky worley, oakland, colorado. last night, "dancing with the stars" double-elimination, which means that two former champions took a fall. >> on this ninth week of competition, the couple with the lower judges scores and fewer votes and therefore leaving the competition right now is, apolo and karina. emmitt and cheryl. >> and they are all up early
8:19 am
this morning. apolo ohno, karina smirnoff, emmitt smi emmitt smith and cheryl burke. apolo, you went out on a high, after a perfect score. >> we did. we were able to get the encore dance. every week of the show has been a lot of fun. superchallenging. very tough. but i gave my all every, single week. and i tried to do my best. and karina and i had an amazing time. >> emmitt, you gave it your all every week, as well. one of the things you wanted to teach your kids is sometimes you give your all and that's not good enough. what did they say to you afterwards? >> well, my daughter, skylar, was broken all to pieces. i had to call her to let her know everything was going to be okay. and i was trying to reiterate what i was saying last night. you can give your best. but sometimes your best might not be good enough. sometimes somebody could be just that much better. get back on the horse and ride
8:20 am
it again. let's have more fun doing something else. >> you were so much fun to watch all season. everyone out there a champion this season. emmitt, a few minutes ago, i got an e-mail from robin. and she wanted to thank you for wearing her bracelet all season. >> we love robin. >> thank you for joining team robin this morning. >> what love. >> she is watch right now. she really took strength from the support you gave her. cheryl, now, i have to ask you about. we're reading about your possible next adventure. "the bachelorette"? >> well, it's still up in the air. it's not confirmed or anything. but i would be possibly interested in doing something like that. >> trying to negotiate the deal? >> yeah. >> emmitt will take care of it. >> i'm up for the show, too. cheryl? >> you'll make the finals. >> you'll make the final two. >> karina, how do you feel?
8:21 am
>> i feel good. you know, we all worked really, really hard this season. i know tony's been injured -- well, this week on sunday. so, you know, you just -- you try your best. and get some cortisone shots and feel pretty good afterwards. >> she has -- she's endured a lot. she was in pain for, like, week two. never once really complained about it. >> i was just beefing up to him. >> you guys are great champs and good sports. thanks a lot for getting up this morning. have a great thanksgiving. and the final competition of "dancing with the stars" begins monday at 8:00, 7:00 central. don't miss our huge "gma" after-party next wednesday morning. all of the finalists will be here. today, a very, very special trash-to-treasure. it's for a family that needs as much tlc as their beloved pieces do. they're from breezy point, new york, an area ravaged by
8:22 am
flooding and fire from hurricane sandy. we heard from dozens of you, asking for help turning your trash into treasure. >> hi, lara. we want you to come down and give us a visit. maybe help us savage a few things from hurricane sandy. >> reporter: the savidges are a tried and true breezy point, new york, family. living in this community for generations. and would never consider leaving their beloved beach. but in the days since hurricane sandy ravaged their neighborhood, it's hard to imagine life ever being the same. >> everything is broke, you know? >> reporter: rick savidge is a member of the local volunteer fire department that was called in the night of the storm to fight the fire that would destroy 111 of his neighbors' houses. want to ask you about your house. your family is not staying there. but you're staying. >> i'm staying. >> reporter: you're staying put. why? >> the community. >> reporter: while rick continues to live in their cold, dark, flood-damaged house. >> the water came in about a foot and a half. and just went throughout the
8:23 am
whole first floor. so, you don't realize, it pretty much wrecks everything. >> reporter: yeah. rick's wife, jacqueline, and daughter ashley, have moved out until the power returns. you grew up in this house. what's the most important thing about going through this and moving forward? >> it's so sad. my parents work so hard to live here. and they dedicated their whole lives to working here. you're normal and perfect. and it's all gone. >> reporter: one way i might be able to help, by rescuing and recycling some of their things that carry special meaning. >> about half of our stuff was thrown away. it was just mud and sand. but we -- the things that we could grab, we grabbed. >> reporter: what is that? >> when we first got married in 1980. we found these logs. and the they traveled with us ever since. we brought them upstairs. we didn't want them to float away. >> reporter: maybe we can transform them into something
8:24 am
you can celebrate. another piece of the savidge family fabfabric. the tiffany-style lamps that jacqueline collects. why are these so important? >> i think they're illuminating for your soul. they make a house a home. >> reporter: and the room hardest hit, the family room. i need to rescue their coffee table. it's the first big piece they bought together as a couple. it's a way to remember the past, while taking one small step toward the future. it's an heirloom. and it tells the story of your family. >> it made it through. when we rebuild, these things will be a reminder where we came from. you have to remember where you came from to go forward. >> you do, indeed. and everybody, welcome to the savid savidges. ricky, jacqueline, ashley and crystal. i want to show your beloved lamp. we repaired this for you. the stained glass is all intact.
8:25 am
these make you smile. some transformations. wait, josh. that was the coffee table. it was stained and had a ton of water damage. you wanted a beach theme for your living room. hopefully, this is a great start. >> oh. it's beautiful. it looks beautiful. that's awesome. wow. looks like a brand-new table. >> we wanted to give you something that was fresh and happy and the colors of the sea and the sky down in your beloved breezy point. this is something that you told me that these logs were outside. they almost floated away. you've had them since you guys got married. for some reason, you love the logs. well, now, the logs will be with you forever. >> oh, wow. >> this wonderful, little side table for your beachy living room. they're all together. and now, you don't have to keep them outside. they are a true heirloom you can pass down to the girls. this coca-cola -- this floated from underneath your house. you said this was actually your
8:26 am
parents'? >> grandparents. >> you all have lived in this community for so long. you found it. you didn't know it was there. you wanted to save it. we turned it into this little rolling cooler. and i took the liberty of filling it with beer and wine. you deserve it. we're coming back to decorate. we love you. happy thanksgiving. i'm kristen sze. developing news from san jose.
8:27 am
police investigating fatal hit-and-run around 6:00 this morning the victim's body was lying in the middle of the street near jackson and alum rock. no word if rain was a factor the streets were wet, the driver didyyj$ not stop. >> your morning commute has been tough, 580 remains a problem. >> another jacknifed big rig just now cleared out of lanes. better news for you there. eastbound 780 at military west "sig alert" in benicia, accident blocking lanes. alum rock at jackson hit-and-run still there avoid the area. intersection is closed. when
8:28 am
8:29 am
101 san rafael sun already coming out, that will be the trend into the afternoon best radar returns around morgan hill or north of there also diablo range definite drying trend as we look at live doppler, put it in the motion last three hours things are clearing up, low to mid 60s this afternoon ♪
8:30 am
♪ ooh woo, ooh ♪ ♪ woo, ooh woo, ooh ♪ hear it now for gary clark jr. the new record's "blak and blu." we just heard "traffic county." >> president obama loves him, as well. calling him the next jimi hendrix or eric clapton. not bad. good morning, america. robin at home today. great to have elizabeth vargas here. >> it's great to be here. also coming up this morning, fool-proof pumpkin pie. are you ready for cowboy pie, though? we have that coming up. elizabeth karmel is here, with everything you need to know to make delicious thanksgiving desserts. and the cowboy pie is something we can do with our kids. and they'll be on a sugar high for four days. >> it will happen anyway. >> just saying.
8:31 am
and sam is in red hook, delivering much-needed food and thanksgiving dinners to people whose homes were so hard-hit by superstorm sandy, helping out those in need this holiday, this thanksgiving. >> how great. >> a great picture. talking about kids and pies and happy and good. can you hold this? >> yes, i can. >> we have a special day. little girl we told you about two weeks ago. this is 9-year-old sam gordon. south gordon, utah. here she is. that's sam, scoring touchdown after touchdown, after touchdown. honestly went viral. you are one of the greatest plays of the day, we've ever done. and now, you are on a wheaties box. have you seen it yet? >> no. >> do you want to see it? >> lara, can you do the unveiling? take a look at that. [ cheers and applause ] >> isn't that great? >> yeah.
8:32 am
>> okay. so, tell us what you've been -- has it just been incredible since everybody started talking about all of your football? >> yes. it's been very awesome. >> i understand, you got to see warren sapp and a bunch of those guys at nfl network. did you -- and you got to practice with the 49ers, i heard. >> yes. and i kind of just threw the ball around with them. and it was really fun. >> that's terrific. i know we had a soccer player talk to you. i know that, as much as you love the football, you love the soccer even more, don't you? >> yes. >> are you going to be out there representing the u.s., one day, like all your heros? >> i hope so. >> hey, everybody, a champion among us. that is awesome. thank you so much. we'll see you soon. all right? >> all right. >> you say, now, to you, george. >> now, to you, george. >> sam, you were great. i'm here with our friend, elizabeth karmel. we're surrounded by pies this
8:33 am
thanksgiving. great to have you here. and we'll start with the classic. >> thanksgiving is all about pie. most people have pecan pie, pumpkin pie. that's why i brought it today. but i have a crazy fun, new pie. >> we're getting ready to make those. >> this is the cowboy pie i made for hill country chicken. this is going to be a make-your-own cowboy pie. >> explain quickly what cowboy pie is. >> this is like a candy bar in a cup. not only tastes great. but it's a great activity. while the turkey is cooking, this is something you can -- >> harper, are you watching? you're going to love making this pie. >> i have a simple ratio. all y'all are going to do it. you're going to be here. i'm going to be here. basically, two cups of your favorite morsel. >> okay. >> and one cup of an alternate morsel. some nuts. some dried fruit, cherries. and you want to mix enough --
8:34 am
>> this stuff? >> you can start with whatever you want. >> can i do it with this? >> you can do it with whatever you want. i'm watching. make sure you make your favorite flavor combinations. but one that i would like. >> and the candy bars, small pieces? big pieces? >> it's a good idea to make them a little bit small. actually, i've got all kinds of goodies here from godiva to rice krispies. if you do this with your family, make sure you have family favorites. but also, some healthy items, as well. you're going to need a lot more. need a lot more. you can use chocolate chips. i love the caramel. >> i like the caramel. >> put rice krispies or granola, something that will bind everything. use all of it. that's what makes it so much fun. it's very free-form. and you can see, there's no eggs. and just enough sweetened
8:35 am
condensed milk, to hold it together. what do we have here? what are you putting in yours? >> i put toffee, reese's, bittersweet chocolate and rice krispies. >> i'm going to use a chocolate pie crust. look how easy that is. mine is almost done. >> mine is almost done. >> what is this? okay. this is sweet condensed milk. basically, what that will do -- >> it's like heaven. >> and what do you do? >> i'm going to put it in a 350-degree oven for about 20 minutes, until everything melts together. and then, if you make small ones, everybody can have their own, individual pie for dessert. >> we might do it. >> i know. and it's like a candy bar in a cup. >> you can get the recipe on on yahoo! thank you very much. let's go to sam in red hook, brooklyn. >> the stuff, the dressing, and the gravy. and the cranberry sauce is right
8:36 am
there. yeah? oh, hi. it's the studio going, sam, you're up. good morning, everybody. we are, by the way, we made it into red hook, brooklyn. this is one of the areas that was really hard-hit by sandy. you have to imagine about six foot of water coming over the edge. the water was right down there. with the coast guard, the new york city food bank. the food bank of new york city, is how the truck reads. our friends, our next door neighbors in times square, virgil's, also sending out food for the folks this morning. so, we're giving out food all day long, to the folks who need it. you have to remember, this was the kind of storm that folks just weren't prepared for, no matter how prepared they were. as we get ready for thanksgiving, it really is about giving to folks who really are having a hard time getting their lives back together after the storm called sandy. three weeks after hurricane sandy tore across the mid-atlantic, the devastation can be seen today. in the faces of those still
8:37 am
homeless and hungry. >> there's a lot of people who don't have the means to get food. so, we're feeding thousands of people each day, across new york and new jersey. >> the american red cross is a lifeline for many of these victims, serving over 6 million meals to survivors of the storm. 90,000 were served in new york, on tuesday alone. the hot food, coming from makeshift kitchens like this one, in the devastated rockaways in queens, new york. food banks, churches and charities are also doing their part to feed the hungry, with over 70,000 homes destroyed. and many thousands more damaged. the demand for a hot meal isn't expected to ease anytime soon. >> we're going to see snowbirds go up, as the recovery efforts really start to push forward. >> reporter: but volunteers like this one from the southern baptist convention say they're happy to help. >> it's going out to the people,
8:38 am
for a nice, hot meal. cozy up a little bit. i'm sorry. this time, i'm going to pick up a microphone so you hear me. mario, come on over for me. this is your home? this is your area, right? thank you for being with us here this morning. tell us, is the neighborhood back together? are folks still working around here? >> no. there's still a lot of things to do around this neighborhood. >> and your wife is not feeling so well right now? >> a cancer survivor. >> right. >> still going through treatment. >> and so, everybody here could use a little extra care for some folks around the city. do you feel like you're getting some help around? >> yeah. we've been getting some help. but you know, the more the merrier. and the better. >> we can give some folks a little bit of food on thanksgiving. and you can help them out. but they really need more help here in getting life back together. that's all over the jersey shore and the areas hit by sandy. let's get to the boards. mario, thank you, sir. we'll set you up with a little bit of food here. we'll get to the maps.
8:39 am
we begin with the northwestern storm system that basically is going to deliver more rain. it's been nine, ten inches of rain in some locations. when you see numbers like that, that's a serious storm. and big-time snowfall totals. the good news is, from southern areas, it starts to pull out first. then, look at the warmer air on the eastern seaboard. this leads you up to about thanksgiving day, by the way. you have three days to enjoy the warm temperatures. by the time we get far past friday, we have another sweep of cold air across the country. and a good look at the thanksgiving forecast. most of the country will be in really great shape. we have bad fog reports, from america's heartland, kentucky, tennessee, all the way up into
8:40 am
>> we just want to thank everybody, who has helped us put this little bit of help together for the folks here in red hook. and there's so much more you can do. coming up on "good morning america," how you can make a child's dream come true. come on, we can do it. stay with us.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ ♪ we're getting into the holiday spirit. it's a special project all about making dreams come true. carly joining us. hi, carly. how are you? >> good. >> macy's has teamed up with make-a-wish, so your child's christmas list can benefit a kid in need. and i hit the streets of new york, to help. are you ready to mail? about two weeks ago, macy's kicked off their fifth annual believe campaign right here on "good morning america." collecting children's letters to santa claus, to benefit make-a-wish. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: i headed to trump ring to collect some santa letters myself. i need to fill this up with letters to santa.
8:44 am
no better place in new york than down at the old ice skating rink. want to write a letter to santa. what did you say to santa claus in your letters? >> i want a puppy. >> reporter: you want a puppy? what if i told you, every time you send a letter to santa, it's going to help some kids who really, really need help. >> i can't get this. >> reporter: i'll make sure. and i closed it, okay? should we send these to santa now? >> yeah. >> reporter: here's how it works, for each stamped letter to santa that's dropped off in a believe box at any macy's location across the country, macy's will donate $1 to make-a-wish. up to $1 million. and i needed to make sure that these letters would make it straight to the north pole. time to get these letters on their rightful way. well, we happen to have a mailbox right here. we're going to find out how many letters we've collected. a drumroll, please.
8:45 am
a whopping 177,825 letters. all going -- >> to this guy. >> to our very special guest, st. nick, kriss kringle, or as we like to call him, santa claus. santa, how are you? >> i'm wonderful. this is the most wonderful time of the year. >> you don't say? >> absolutely. >> i understand that you are actually about to embark on a very special journey with all of these letters. >> absolutely. it's something i love to do. we're hitting the road this saturday, november 24th, for the macy's national santa tour, visiting 26 cities across the country. >> that's great. that, of course, means children all across the country will get a chance to enjoy christmas, as they should. santa, i want to vouch for carly here, she's been a very, very good girl. >> i'm going to surprise you, carly. leave me a cookie, all right? >> okay. >> santa loves you. santa loves you.
8:46 am
and you, too, josh. >> that's great. we want to help the kids in need because they need it. for information, visit macy's belief campaign. on yahoo! >> and giving santa a big hug. stay around. amazing breakout artist, gary clark jr., performing live. you do not want to miss it.
8:47 am
8:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] all right. he can count alicia keys, president obama, eric clapton and jay-z, among his biggest fans. singer, song writer, guitarist and performer gary clark jr. is here to perform a song from his latest album, "blak and blu." you've been likened to jimi hendrix. do you pinch yourself sometimes? can you believe this is
8:49 am
happening to you? >> you know, it's a bit overwhelming. surreal at times. but i'm enjoying the moment. >> you should. savor it. you started playing guitar around 12 years old. around the christmas season. >> that's right. i got a guitar on that break. went to school and checked out some books. and it's been on since. >> who was your idol at that point? >> my idol at that point, i guess stevie ray vaughan, being from texas. jimi hendrix, freddy king. blues guys. >> let's get to the song. it's called "ain't messin''round." ladies and gentlemen, gary clark jr. ♪ i don't believe in competition ♪ ♪ ain't nobody else
8:50 am
like me around ♪ ♪ i don't need your imposition ♪ ♪ it ain't that hard to figure it out ♪ ♪ give it up now play it cool ♪ ♪ give it up now play it cool ♪ ♪ give it up now don't let me down ♪ ♪ don't think too much of my disposition ♪
8:51 am
♪ you already know what's going down ♪ ♪ don't wanna be in that exhibition, no ♪ ♪ i don't want nobody hanging around ♪ ♪ give it up now play it cool ♪ ♪ give it up now play it cool ♪ ♪ and the music, the music ♪ give it up now don't let me down ♪
8:52 am
♪ give it up now play it cool ♪ ♪ give it up, yeah play it cool ♪ ♪ and the music, the music
8:53 am
♪ give it up, yeah don't let me down ♪ ♪ play it cool play it cool ♪ ♪ play it cool ♪ play it cool give i
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] today, katie couric cooking thanksgiving. gary clark jr.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. huge crowds are expected at airports today as travelers depart or arrive for their thanksgiving holiday.
8:59 am
those are screening lines packed. while the wet weather is letting up this morning the crowds are expected to get heavier. still a chance of a stray shower through noon. good morning. you can see the drying trend on live doppler. low to mid 60s today and tomorrow, tomorrow will be dry, couple of chilly mornings before warmer afternoons this weekend. if you are taking bart expect 10 minute delay san francisco line towards sfo due to equipment problems, no other mass transit issues. announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the animated film, "rise of the guardans,"

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